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Member of the Society of Artists Agents
Member of the Society of Artists Agents

After 10 years as the Senior Agent at one of Londons' leading illustration agencies; tens of thousands of successful commissions and three children later, Marie-Claire has set up a new boutique agency.

She represents a hand picked selection of some of the newest most exciting talent, along with technically brilliant well established illustrators from around the globe.

As well as her wealth of experience on the business front, Marie-Claire is a fine artist herself, so has a clear understanding of the creative side. This provides both her clients and artists with a highly unique, charmingly personal and productive experience.

Her attention to detail is second to none, her enthusiasm is infectious but more than any thing she is passionate about everything she does, making her a joy to deal with.

From Christmas Day to work-a-day commissions, her job is to help you find the best illustrator for all your needs. She manages the process to a successful conclusion and goes the extra mile to ensure your job is on target , on time and on budget.

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