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Jones and Co

Capturing the spirit of the small, specialist shops of yesteryear, where a warm welcome and honest work ethic were the order of the day, Jones and Co. is a family-run studio based at our home in Cape Town, South Africa. Here, everyone plays a part – Dylan (that’s me) illustrates, my wife, Heike, takes care of production, and our kids, Anna-Rose and Sophie-Mae, provide my inspiration as they relish the simple joys of childhood. It’s in this environment, between the ebb and flow of everyday family life that I create and craft my passion – character design, editorial and all forms of vector illustration.

Clients :

Oreo, Barclays Bank, Segment, Cisco, Publix, Standard Bank, Carmila, Mattel / Barbie, London Stock Exchange, MTN, Sodexo ( Fr ), Carmax