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Laura Hope

Laura Hope likes to surround herself with all things vintage and luxury. Her illustrations are inspired by the elegance of the fashion illustration world and her drawing style is realistic yet loose. She has always been intrigued by the ideas surrounding the quality of lines in Japanese art and uses this in her own work to create unique illustrations. She holds a first class degree in Illustration from Cardiff School of Art and Design and spent the first two years of her creative career working as an in-house artist for a large memorial company. Her job was to hand etch portrait and designs onto gravestones and while working there she entered a national competion for memorial masonry and 1st prize for her work.

Laura is happy to illustrate any subject matter , however her favourite is portraiture and she manages to capture striking likeness in a modern and stylish way. She also enjoys working live and has illustrated for brands such as SkinnyDip and Kiehl’s at private as well as instore events.