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Anjelica Roselyn

Tell me a bit about you and your background: where are you from/ where did you study?

I was born in Washington D.C., USA but I have lived in London almost all my life. I studied Womenswear design at London College of Fashion.


What do you feel was the best lesson you learnt while studying? Is there anything that still sticks with you or do you feel you’ve thrown out a lot of advice of tutors as your practice has developed? 

I would say that most lessons learned were during internships or actual work practice. The main thing that does stand out was that, even during a design degree, the importance of communication through unique illustration was always championed. Other than that, a strong work ethic remains paramount.

Have you always wanted to be an illustrator? When you started working ‘professionally’ how did you develop your distinctive visual language which we see in your work today? 

Honestly, yes. While I have gone into other aspects of design/fashion, illustration and my illustrative skill has always been my focus from a very young age. I would say having a distinct style comes from realising your inspiration points, always being observant of that, and always pushing it forward. 

What is a day in the life of Anjelica Roselyn  like? Tell me about your daily routine…

My routine varies week to week but it always involves waking up, checking my emails and focusing on the task at hand for the day. Wether that is an inspiration day, or a portfolio day or an illustration event day I like to have my focus in mind from quite early.  Also taking quiet time to wind down in the evening is really important.


Do you have any rituals or daily routines to help get you into the right mindset?

Yes I would definitely say exercising is a vital ritual for your general mental wellbeing and feeling refreshed. Work-wise, I would say that collecting inspiration images and pieces is a huge part of my daily routine, wether that is online or outside in an exhibition and such.

How do you spend your downtime?  Do you have any unusual hobbies?

Again, I think exercise is great for downtime, especially when done alone. I think that most of my downtime is spent being active wether it is at the gym or going for a walk within nature. 

Have you experienced any major significant moments in your career to date?

I would say two come to mind; firstly being included as one of ELLE Greece’s “Favourite Fashion Illustrators” in 2017, and secondly, working with Dior in Paris this year. 

Talk us through your studio / work set up – what are the most important items in your creative toolkit?

The thing I love about being an artist in the modern day is the interchangeability of studio set ups. My must-have item at the moment is my iPad Pro which I can take and use anywhere I wish. With more traditional methods I love my Windsor & Newton acrylic inks, the pigment is so great.


Where do you live and how does the city / location / your surroundings inspire your practice?

Living in London is very important to me because I feel like growing up in a city has had a huge impact on who I am as a person. I think considering my practice and artwork that I have more of a cosmopolitan aesthetic which I do not think I would be achieving if I lived away from the city. 

If you could trade professions for a day, what would you do instead?

That’s such an interesting question and I cannot say I have ever considered that because I love drawing so much. I would have to say something in travel.

Do you have any secret passions ?

I really love cooking and enjoy discovering new things about food and different cuisines. For most people I know, that is no secret!

What social media platforms do you use, and do you feel social media is very important to your practice?

Instagram is definitely the social media I prefer, and the one that works best for me. I do think social media is important in that you can find a lot of great projects and make important connections.