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Lucy Monkman


Tell me a bit about you and your background: where are you from/ where did you study?

As an illustrator my work involves finding a visual solution to a text or to a concept. I approached illustration from a less typical direction in that rather than going to art college I went to university to study English. I moved from the South of England to the North of England to the beautiful city of York where I have lived ever since I graduated. I really enjoyed my three years of studying but since leaving I have actually done little further reading apart from holiday reading and instead I have concentrated on my artwork.

What do you feel was the best lesson you learnt while studying? Is there anything that still sticks with you or do you feel you’ve thrown out a lot of advice of tutors as your practice has developed?

 As I did not go to art college I have always wondered whether if I had my work and my working life would have been very different. I did do a local course in graphic design for a year which proved invaluable. It was at the time when Photoshop was first being widely used and goodness I struggled with the technical side of the course but it helped enormously in learning how to work to a brief. I have since by trial and error progressed with my technical abilities and I have developed  my own way of taking my artwork from paper to computer.